an0va (performing alias from 2011-2017)

[performing alias; chiptune music]

daniel davis - music composition & live performance

an0va was a lo-fi / "8-bit" / chiptune solo project that was mainly active from 2011 to roughly around 2017. the music focused on energetic & technical arrangements using a nintendo gameboy & often with guitar accompaniment.

an0va performed live in multiple cities across the US and was a common live performer amongst the Northeastern chiptune scene for highly respected events as Pulsewave, 8static, and MAGfest.

in 2013 the second an0va release Ego Depletion received critical acclaim within the chiptune community. 2015 continued to evolve with a split single with math-rock group invalids. in 2017 an0va collaborated with long-time supporter GameChops to release a licensed video game remix with currently over 150,000 views.

listen to an0va on spotify.